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Miner Productions is a creative agency known for developing and executing the creative vision and management goals of C level executives of technology, retail, and biotech companies. Our Clients call us MinerPro.

MinerPro is founded on a simple philosophy: use or develop the latest communication tools and the arts to tell stories in memorable new ways. The MinerPro’s legacy is to facilitate the development and delivery of messages – moving them from the boardroom to the ballroom; from the desktop to action – anywhere in the World. MinerPro is committed to creating, developing and executing media, events, and messaging that resonates with your audience regardless of the demographic, size or location.

Our Mission

To assist corporations to deliver information in powerful ways: to train, motivate, persuade, sell and entertain. To build and motivate highly successful teams that reach new levels of success enabling their companies to grow and thrive.

Tracey Miner

Executive Producer, Chief Creative Officer

Tracey MinerBefore entering the world of corporate event production, Tracey worked in the advertising and corporate communications industry. As founder of the ad agency Media Communications in New York, Tracey specialized in television, print and radio production for retail and consumer customers -- including several amusement parks owned by Six Flags. On the West Coast, Tracey established and managed production offices for several large production companies including: Maritz, VSI and Caribiner before starting his own firm in 1995.

Tracey has worked as Executive Producer / Creative Director on numerous high-profile events including communication based productions companies throughout the world. They include: the worldwide launch of Windows 95 for Microsoft, Harley-Davidson's 95th Anniversary, The Internet Summit, The Solutions Summit, LIVE 365 for Cisco Systems, VMworld with VMWare, as well as a13 year track record, producing sales Kickoff and User Conference Events for Informatica Corporation.

Betsy Miner


Betsy MinerBetsy Miner enjoyed a full career as Sales Director for Fisher Scientific and various life science divisions acquired over a 32 year period of time. Betsy worked managing sales teams and has a reputation as a turn around specialist. Betsy's work with MinerPro enables her clients to build and motivate highly productive teams that reach new levels of success previously unimagined.

Betsy combines her degree in Human Resource Management with her years of practical, “feet on the ground- eyes on the prize” sales and management experience to practical advantages. Her perspective allows her to recommend creative, motivational and informational methods as tools for MinerPro’s C-level clients. Betsy’s forte is working with Clients to enable their Event or Video to carry the take away message that help C-level executives reach their ever-increasing sales goals. Her practical hands on experience helps make the process of improving effectiveness as smooth as the delivery her clients present on stage and camera.