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Client Stories

  • High Flying CMO

    Working with Dave Frazer, during the year WindRiver helped launch the Mars Rover, MinerPro was able to take him and his presentation to an all new level. Lowering Dave from the ceiling to start his presentation, Dave held everyone's attention for 60 surprise filled minutes. Using video and stagecraft this CMO's message was the talk of the event for months to follow.

  • President of Worldwide Saleabrations

    Working with Paul was a pleasure and an adventure. We put Paul in so many compromising situations only to let him shine. Paul loved theater and we gave it to him, year after year every time something new. Jack Bauer, had nothing on Paul. Anything to get the numbers up! And up they went - 28 straight quarters.

  • The Only Exec We Ever Lit on Fire

    Matt was into shock and awe even before it was popular. Year after sales year, we raised the bar using him as an exam-ple to show the need for his team to do the same. We threw him off buildings, sent him flying from a perfectly good helicopter, and yes lit him on fire in the Nevada desert. All to show that there was nothing that would keep Matt from making an impression and driving up sales.

  • She was in over her head

    Alyson loved the water, so much so that she became the spokeswoman for a company that lived for it too. Alyson liked to make a splash and we couldn't resist throwing her in the deep end. But not without being there to help her to the other side. We recruited the likes o John Cleese and Senator Thompson just to make a point.

  • The stories we could tell

    Bob and Minerpro saw more activity during the Internet craze and through the bust and out the other side we wrote a book to tell about it. Needless to say we helped Bob raise his game and was with him through four company changes and acquisitions.

  • Frustrated Artist

    Tim Dilley is a character and we helped him personify that to the fullest with our series
    "A Moment with Dilley". Tim addressed the issues no one wanted to talk about publicly, but everyone was whispering secretly. We helped Tim come out - artistically speaking. Tim's presentations were always well attended.