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Creative Products

  • Sales Training

    Improving overall sales performance

    As an award winning Sales Manager Betsy knows how to manage both the internal workings of an organization and how to recharge sales teams to over -achieve sales quotas.

    As a Turnaround Specialist, Betsy's skills and practical knowledge make her our best asset to help your organization deliver ROI from a Sales Meeting or Training Session.

    Increased sales is always a bonus!

  • Themed Productions

    Creative Driven

    MinerPro takes great pride in our ability to develop a theme and carry it throughout the event or production. Creative themes also give presenters a method to drive home their messages. When the whole event is tied together, the take away message your executives want to deliver is reinforced and ringing in the ears of every attendee long after the event.

    A reason Theme Parks are so successful.

  • New Products Launch

    Anything new - we will help make sure it's noticed

    From Windows 95, to Indian Motorcycle, to the Getties, and most recently with VMware NSX, MinerPro has been at the forefront of meaningful product and corporate launches.

    Let MinerPro help you remove the dragon from your launch door.

  • Presidents Club Video

    Increasing sales through visual stimulus

    MinerPro has made Incentive destinations attractive to sales forces for over 25 years. Working with companies such as: Adobe, BlueCoat Hitachi, Informatica, Novell, Toshiba... Minerpro has helped raise the bar on sales force participation worldwide. What we provide is more than just a sexy video...

    We'll take you there.

  • $ Million Dollar Performers

    Everyone wants to famous

    How do you use your top people to serve as an example to the entire organization? How do you motivate your sales force to dig deeper and sell more? How do recognize your top performers in ways that are tangible and appreciated?

    Produced with the individual's talent as the basis of the video, we create a year round motivational tool. The videos share best practices to achieve, while driving competition within the organization.

    They look like a Million bucks too.

  • Executive Speech Enhancement

    Better Responsep

    Working with executives to make their presentations more dynamic, is an art form as much as a technique. MinerPro believes PowerPoint is regularly misused and not an effective tool for creating memorable presentations. MinerPro teaches a method that elevates the art of live communication to something more profound and much more productive.

    Louder applause guaranteed!