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  • Annual Sales Kickoffs

    25 years experience producing sales meetings

    Through creative & motivational messaging MinerPro has earned the distinction of producing Informatica's Sales Kickoff for over ten years. We think that sets a sales record itself. Does your sales force need to reach higher levels of achievement? Minerpro knows how to raise the bar year after year.

    We helped this client all the way to a billion...

  • Worldwide Events


    Traveling the world for clients such as Bluecoat, Novell, Ciena, Informatica, Symantec and Borland, MinerPro has cultivated a world-class team who will make your event successful at home or abroad.

    Don't leave the office without us.

  • Conversations

    User Conference

    Working with Nuance, MinerPro was commissioned to help increase the dialog between partners and customers.

    Developing video content for both the conference and the web we helped raise the sound level and increase attendee responses.

    Planning a user conference? We'd like to engage in the conversation!

  • APP Developer Conference

    "There's an App for that" was invented during this conference.

    Working with 120 emerging APP developers was an exhilarating challenge. During this event each APP Developer "hopeful" had only 3 minutes to sell their idea in an "elevator pitch" environment, geared to executives, such as Mark Zuckerberger.

    Ensuring everyone had a good connection was our biggest challenge.

  • Awards Banquet

    GetJar First Annual Event

    How do you launch a new award program for a company that has just realized their billionth download and is still relatively unknown?

    Beyond the typical methods of recognition MinerPro has developed numerous methods for celebrating success and encouraging future efforts through emphasis on best practices.

    And the winner is...

  • Getty Awards

    Setting a new standard for reward

    Retained to help introduce the newest members to the APP Developer business, MinerPro helped anchor the Getties as a new standard of recognition.

    The Getties have become an industry standard for APP developers celebrating milestones.

    Lady GaGa has nothing on us.

  • Pharmaceutical Event

    Live Training

    As a function of producing Dey's annual sales meeting, Minerpro also developed a training module that was deployed during the final general session. The training was geared to determining a finalist in a week long competition that involved the entire sales staff. Interaction allowed the audience to vote for the winner.

    We don't know how many lives were saved yet.

  • DOD Gameshow

    Financial Readiness Tour

    MinerPro Developed a custom game show for the military personnel and their families. The game show taught important financial information in an exciting and interactive format which had audiences lining up to play the game.

    The audience response was loud and affirmative, shouted in various military parlances of Hooyah!

  • Client Recognition Event

    Well Invented - Well Attended

    Producing an event for 20,000 guests is always exciting, but especially when it is done in the course of a single day. MinerPro rose to the occasion providing lighting and audio visual stimulation as well as developing interactive games, themed decor and entertainment.

    The search for fun was achieved.

  • Interactive Entertainment

    Live Performance

    An event is not memorable without some form of activity to set the bar higher. MinerPro takes pride in the ability to source new and interesting acts and performers that engage our target audiences.

    At this event every attendee became a member of the band drummers in fact - all 1500 of them.

    Bang on!

  • Interactive Corporate Games

    Elevating Content Delivery

    To be most effective, breaking the barrier between the stage and the audience is crucial. Using keypads to respond to pre-programmed questions, MinerPro puts the audience in the act. MinerPro We finds our clients achieve their goals if engagement is used to deliver better retention.

    Hands on Buzzers.

  • Theater all Around

    Events, Conferences, Symposiums

    Staging an event says as much about the importance of a message as anything else we do. Staging not only creates the first impression it is the major factor in creating a lasting impression.

    All our world is a stage!

  • First Franchise Meeting

    Annual Event / Video

    When Quiznos launched their first Franchise Meeting in Las Vegas, MinerPro was there to make it hot and toasty. In our world, nothing says tasty like a 100 foot stage, Jay Leno and thousands of LED lighting.

    Given the size and scope of this event, with over 5,000 attendees, Quiznos' management team had never been involved in anything quite this large.

    MinerPro guided them through to the very last bite.

  • Annual Security Seminar

    Fighting Cyber Crime 24/7

    Security is an important topic today. In this conference making everyone feel safe in the meeting took on new meaning. Ensuring the production value is high, the content secure and the process manageable is MinerPro's contribution to a more secure production world...

    We even made ThreatMetrix feel safe.

  • Your Event Here

    Anytime, Anywhere...

    Every event MinerPro produces is a custom production. What we do next will be completely different than what we do today. Leveraging our experience of over 25 years in the business, we are proud to say we have vetted the best people to get the job done, using the latest technology - some of which we invented ourselves.

    Our best event is the one we have yet to do - for you!