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  • CiscoLive 365

    Annual User Conference

    Cisco needed to revamp their branding message and promote their highest profile event. Minerpro helped them by producing a highlights video for the event and a promotional video for their live streaming Video series - Cisco 365.

    It's available now 24/7

  • Video Testimonials

    Award Winning Campaigns

    Working directly with our clients and their clients MinerPro has developed a series of recognized successes understanding the greatest testimonial about a product or a service is the endorsement of the clients who benefitted. MinerPro produces videos campaigns that endorse our clients through the words and visuals of their clients.

    Play Ball.

  • VMware Forum Video

    On going use year round

    Used in events worldwide, this video campaign has been so popular it has been reproduced in multiple languages for distribution in all regions.

    vForum, MinerPro's brand supporting campaign, has won multiple awards and accolades by vmware to become the "go to" video for corporate messaging throughout the company.

    We speak global.

  • C-Level Videos

    Videos that sell

    We all grew up watching TV and going to the movies. Armed with the knowledge that everyone today is a critic, we think corporate videos have to be just as well produced. Working with our clients, MinerPro loves to bring their unique message and character to life in video. We work with our executive clients to make them stars of their own videos.

    No executives were harmed...

  • Springs Resort

    Destination Video

    Asked to produce a video to attract corporate meeting buyers to this Costa Rica Resort was not hard duty. Making a 3 hours drive from the airport, on bad roads worth the effort was our challenge.

    Corporate retreat business has increased as the fame of the Springs is now spreading like smoke in a tropical breeze.

    They put the lime in the coconut...

  • Video Driven Productions

    Reality inspired process

    MinerPro long ago realized that while most executives work fast and furious, their responses and approvals often come later than desired.

    Understanding how business works, MinerPro produces video for their corporate shows, live on-site, 24/7. Changes are instant, making approvals possible just as quickly.

    Understanding change is constant we just help it arrive a little faster

  • 3D Showcase

    Video Animation

    MinerPro was asked to develop a concept to launch a new series of products that were way outside the box

    Responding in kind, we developed a village as the concept to win a 16-competitor bid. Using 3D, and creativity, MinerPro developed an environment that was unlike any product launch this client had ever seen before but had to have.

    It takes a village!

  • Hero Campaigns

    Unexpected Heroes

    Working with external stakeholders as client references, Minerpro has travelled the globe to tell their story in unique and often unexpected ways. Getting to the heart of a story is a benefit of working with MinerPro. Our unique style of questioning and filmmaking ensures the stories we bring back are impactful & deliver results.

    Making customers Heroes has no down side.

  • Opening Videos

    Getting off to a good start eases everyone

    Minerpro has made a career out of creating exciting, attention grabbing, openings for corporate events. Giving any assembly an impactful start, while striking the proper tone, can make all the difference between holding a meeting or creating an event.

    Opening Videos are not only a staple for MinerPro they are our specialty.

    We build excitement right from the start to make the best possible positive first impression.

  • Highlight Videos

    Show them what you told them

    MinerPro takes highlight video production to a higher level. Using graphics and video elements developed to create the opening video we incorporate these to involve the audience in the story and add production value to what some simply show as happy faces.

    We call it taking the message to completion.

  • Animated Videos

    Often amusing, always memorable

    Some stories simply are more effective when delivered as an animation. MinerPro animators are adept at telling stories through design and special effects. Using this medium we tell stories that could not be illustrated any other way.

    Pun totally intended.

  • Employee Skit Videos

    3 minutes of Fame (or less)

    Involving direct reports and employees in the message delivery for an event is a proven way to engage an audience and ensure buy in. Producing video that also has high production value with inexperienced "talent" is an area where MinerPro shines.

    No employees were harmed in the production of this video.