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Award winning Corporate Films & Video

MinerPro's story telling tools take the form of award winning videos and media production. The MinerPro reputation has been earned through the skill in which messages are crafted to be both memorable and relevant to each organization. MinerPro videos consistently deliver messages in greater detail and with more retention through the use of enhanced video messaging techniques and tools than traditionally have been previously experienced in the corporate marketplace.

To put it simply, we all grew up going to the movies and watching television. To deliver corporate videos at any less quality will insult the audience and lose their attention.

MinerPro videos are consistently recognized for quality and creativity with "Best of category - Best of show" accreditation through annual award programs and more importantly on-going client appreciation. Telling the corporate story with a compelling narrative and state of the art production techniques is what sets MinerPro apart.

Marketing-Based Event Production

MinerPro has produced events from San Francisco to Marrakech, for corporations and associations, to audiences ranging from 50 to 50,000. We offer over 30 years of experience and a worldwide network of resources to ensure your next meeting or event is successful. We produce sales events, user conferences, product launches, press events, developer forums, road shows, and incentive programs. (Anything, anywhere that has an audience).

Our mission is to clearly understand your objectives and communicate them in a way that resonates with your audience. Effective communication is the result of a story well told. Often, you have just one chance to make a lasting impression, so we understand the importance of being on target every time.

MinerPro develops experiences to light up boardrooms and ballrooms. MinerPro uses time tested techniques with state of the art technology with the know how to use it, to motivate and train audiences -- anywhere in the World.

Speech Coaching & Content Support

MinerPro's award winning ability to use imagination and creativity consistently raises the bar of meeting and event production expectations. By design, MinerPro breaks the barriers of presentation boundaries often associated with the limitations of traditional speaker support and speaker ability with a proven video-driven event approach. Event by event, MinerPro brings truly unique, never before experienced, concepts to the communication world they help to define.

As the Miners have learned throughout their careers, and during their time teaching Graduate Assistants with Dale Carnegie, the greatest fear in life is public speaking. We use our understanding and decades of experience to help C Level clients present with more confidence and more impact. MinerPro uses staging craft to put our clients in the best light. But it doesn't end there. Our creativity and techniques make the experience something to be enjoyed both on and off the stage. We have also found a little humor can go a long way to lighten the load of presenting difficult information.

Employing methodologies that leverage media assets across multiple applications, we strive to enhance a speaker's inherent performance abilities to increase their technique while improving stage presence.