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client feedback

Paul Hoffman, President, Worldwide Field Operations, Informatica Corporation

As President of Informatica Worldwide Field Operations, I have had the pleasure of working with Tracey and MinerPro for over 7 years. He has produced my annual sales kickoff with over 1,000 attendees every year. His creativity has helped make Informatica appear "bigger than life" to our sales force and partners, which always results in their going back to the field to start a new year very motivated and feeling proud to be working for the best company.

Tracey and I begin our collaboration on the kickoff early in the year when he presents his ideas on themes and the creative aspects based on the venue we choose for the meeting. He always has great concepts, which we then mold into a customized event based on our specific goals each year. I simply could not execute these high quality and inspiring events without Tracey. The professionalism, timeliness, and work ethic of his team is second to none. We get GREAT value for our investment.

And, if you don't want to just take it from me, the results speak for themselves as we have won four Telly and Aurora awards over the years to prove it!

I HIGHLY recommend Tracey & MinerPro!

Rick Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer at Rackspace, (formerly VMWare)

I've worked with Tracey at two different companies now. He is one of my go-to people, because I know he can get it done, get it done fast, and at a reasonable price. I've always been happy with his work, and will continue to use him in the future!

Lisa Duffy, Executive Program Manager, Keynote Producer, Intel

Tracey and his team are intuitive and well connected in the event marketing industry. The work they do is truly out-of-the box and some of the most innovative I've seen, especially their video expertise. I've known Tracey for well over 7 years and have a tremendous amount of respect for his work and operations.

Novell MarchFirst
Bob Wise, Business Development and Technology Executive (formerly Novell, MarchFirst)

I have worked with Tracey for over fifteen years and at three different companies. The work that Tracey and his team produce is always of the highest quality and I always keep coming back for more. Tracey is highly creative and incredibly well organized if Tracey is involved I know I don't have to worry. Tracey has created and managed high end events for me in the Americas, Europe and Asia. No matter how far away and complex the requirements Miner Productions has always exceeded my expectations, they are simply a world class firm doing some of the finest marketing events for the most successful companies.

Dave Fraser, CEO, Devicescape (formerly Wind River)

Having worked with several corporate event companies, I was extremely impressed to encounter Tracey and his team. They go further than production excellence with their tremendous creative energy, flexibility and embrace of spontaneity. They're a fun team too!

Duncan Egan, Senior Director APJ Marketing, ServiceNow (formerly Borland, Tibco)

Working with Tracey and Miner Productions is like having an extended team of professionals that deliver (and are a great group to work with). I have worked with Miner on Sales Kickoffs, user conferences and high end video projects -- they are constantly pushing the limits to bring unique and creative ways to wow an audience while not losing sight of the companies objectives or budget.

Miner's team of creative and results oriented employees deliver every time.